Qureshi: Pakistan Will Always Support A Democratic Afghanistan

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that they would support a democratic Afghanistan, as the intra-Afghan peace talks began in Qatar on Saturday.

“A long night ends and a new dawn begins,” Qureshi said, addressing the opening ceremony.

He noted that Pakistani citizens and law enforcement personals have rendered invaluable sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

“Pakistan has been by your side in every way,” he told the attendees.

The foreign minister paid tribute to Pakistan’s efforts for bringing about peace in Afghanistan and said that the talks were a pay-off for “everyone’s joint efforts.”

He said that durable peace in Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s interest.

He said that it was imperative that the mistakes of the past were not repeated, and the Afghan people were not abandoned.

“The progress achieved should not be wasted. A prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan will bring new opportunities for the people and would also open new vistas of cooperation and connectivity in the region and beyond,” he said.

He also called on the global community to ensure that Afghanistan neither sees a repeat of the violence nor becomes a harbour for elements that would harm other countries.

“At this moment of hope, I’ll reassure my Afghan brethren that Pakistan will always show full support and solidarity with them as they continue their momentous journey on the path of peace, security, and development,” the minister affirmed.

He reiterated the country’s support for a “peaceful, stable, united, democratic and sovereign” Afghanistan that was at peace with itself and with its neighbours.

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