Breshna: Afghan Leaders Interested In Solar Energy

The production of electricity, especially solar energy, is of prime interest to the current Afghan leaders said De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) officials on Saturday.

Mustafa Aria, senior advisor at DABS said that the goal of Breshna is to facilitate foreign and domestic investments to increase the opportunities for electricity production in Afghanistan.

Mojtaba Hoshmand, renewable energy adviser at DABS, said that Tajikistan is ready to resume electricity exports to Afghanistan.
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“Last week Tajikistan assured that water levels in the country’s power export dam has returned to normal and that it is ready to transfer 150MW of electricity to Afghanistan,” he said.

In early July, Tajikistan had cut electricity to Afghanistan from 450MW to 40MW drastically, leading to power shortages in around 11 provinces.

Afghanistan signed a 10 year-power agreement with Uzbekistan that would establish a 550kV transmission line between the two countries.

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