615 ISK Fighters, Women, Children Surrendered to Afghan Forces

The high number of surrenders, which includes women and children, has increased as hundreds of IS-K terrorists and their family members surrendered to Afghan forces in recent weeks.

18 IS-K members accompanied by 24 women and 31 children surrendered to Afghan forces on Friday in Achin district of Nangarhar province, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement on Saturday.

According to the MoD statement, the number of security forces’ operations against the IS-K group in eastern Afghanistan has been unprecedentedly increased.

“Over the last two weeks, 615 IS-K fighters and their family members had surrendered to the army in eastern Nangarhar province,” the statement reads.

On Thursday, 82 IS-K fighters handed over their weapons and surrendered to Afghan security forces in Achin district of Nangarhar, and were accompanied by 51 women and 96 children.

On Wednesday, ‘at least 300’ IS-K members, including women and children, surrendered to Afghan Special Forces in Nangarhar, according to Commander Waliullah, the Army Special Forces commander in Achin district.

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