Afghan Women Will Reject Taliban Rule: Rulla Ghani

The Taliban can never come back and establish their emirate as the Afghan women would never accept it, Afghanistan’s First Lady Rula Ghani said.

Speaking at the US Institute of Peace Mrs Ghani also emphasized the need to negotiate a durable peace accord. “Peace is a long process,” she said. “Whoever thinks it can happen in one or two months is wrong. Even if happens it will be shortlived.”

The Afghan First Lady disagreed with the assumption that a peace deal would restore the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. “We want peace because the Taliban are Afghans and have the right to be in Afghanistan, but a Taliban rule is not going to happen, not under my watch. Not as long as, my husband and I are there.”

She claimed that the Afghan society was already changing as women played greater roles in both family and national affairs. “Old ways are challenged day after day. The process of change has started and cannot be reversed.”

The First Lady agreed with the suggestion that other Afghan women should hold direct talks with Taliban women as such contacts in the past have produced positive results. “Taliban women are Afghan women. They are not very different,” she said.
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“Afghan women know that governments come and go but the system that protects their rights should stay.”

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