Umer Daudzai: Jirgas in Afghanistan are Like Referendums in Other Countries

President Ghani’s Special Envoy Umer Daudzai said at a press conference that Jirgas in Afghanistan are similar to referendums in other countries.

Daudzai says the Afghan government received a list from Qatar on the delegation which will attend the Doha meeting, but the list was rejected by Afghan leaders and the meeting was delayed to an unknown time. He said that the Qatar list was largely different from their list.

Daudzai says the Afghan government is in favor of meetings like the one scheduled for Qatar and that the government is ready to attend such meetings in other countries and no opportunity on peace should be left unused.

Daudzai says the peace Jirga will be held as scheduled on April 29 and that there will be no delay in it.

The head of HPC secretariat said that the total number of peace Jirga delegates will be almost 3,000. He says it will be the most inclusive and the biggest Jirga in the history of Afghanistan.

“We call on the Taliban to accept advices to be given in Loya Jirga”, suggested Daudzai.
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He also assured that the President will accept every advice to be given in Loya Jirga unless it is against the Constitution.

“We are in talks with those who boycotted Loya Jirga, we might have had shortcomings on providing information about the gathering”, Daudzai said.
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