IECC Fast-Tracks Parliamentary Election Complaint Assessment

The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has attempted to quicken the pace of the assessment of parliamentary elections-related complaints and is likely to complete it by the end of this week, an official said Saturday to TOLONews.
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The process is supposed to help the Independent Election Commission to announce the final results of the remaining nine provinces, including Kabul.

Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections took place in October, 2018 but many claim the entire electoral process was ridden with corruption and fraud. Afterwards, the presidential decree dismissed all the former election commissioners.

Officials have claimed that the slow pace of work is perhaps due to overload of responsibilities as the presidential elections are due to happen in September.

The head of the High Peace Council’s secretariat, Umer Daudzai, at a press conference on Saturday, called on the election commissions to announce the final results of the parliamentary elections in a bid to help the new lawmakers to attend the Grand Consultative Jirga on Peace, which is an assembly of almost 2,500 delegates from around the country who will determine the roadmap towards a dignified and acceptable peace for Afghans.

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