Ghani: Peace Means Ends Of Violence, Not A Political Deal

President Ashraf Ghani said that Afghans should not be afraid of peace, because it entails much more than just a political deal.

Speaking at the Ashura ceremony in Kabul on Sunday, Ghani praised the republic, calling it a “great system that can absorb everything.”

He said that the days when a small minority ruled over everything was over.

“Do not be afraid of peace,” he said, adding, “Peace does not mean a political deal. Peace is the will of Afghan people, which is the end of violence.”

“Today, the nation is not asleep and is not in darkness, those who think that they can impose their will should rethink, we should defend the Constitution and the republic,” the president said.

Meanwhile, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh also called on the Taliban to start the negotiations.

Danesh said that the Afghan government was working hard to achieve peace and had made considerable effort to start the talks.

“We hope that Taliban will put aside excuses and come honestly to the negotiating table in the near future.
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Danesh also said that the Taliban’s Emirate can “create neither a powerful state nor a united union” and lauded the republic system.

He said that in the Emirate, the people will not enjoy equal rights and prosperity.

The people of Afghanistan have made countless sacrifices for the survival, preservation, and strengthening of the republic, he said, and therefore, the “enemies of the republic” know they cannot control the fate of the people by force.

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