Pak Military Says They Will Complete Fencing Work Along Durand Line by 2019

The Pakistani military has said that they have begun fencing work along thr Durand Line which will be completed by 2019. They claim that the work has already been completed in 802 kilometers of the line.

A spokesman for the Military of Pakistan Major General Asif Ghafoor said on social media, that 233 forts have also been constructed and 843 forts would be constructed along the Durand Line.

“Work on forts & fence continues on Pak-Afg Bdr. Total length 2611 KM. Work on 233 of 843 forts & 802 of 1200 KM pri 1 areas completed.Aiming speedy completion in pri 1 areas, overall completion [is expected] by Dec 2019 IA. Shall benefit peaceful people of Pak & Afg while restricting terrorists,” he said in a Twitter post.

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