Many Steps Remain Before Final Results of Afghan Presidential Election Certified: US Embassy

The US ambassador in Afghanistan, John Bass says many steps remain before final results of Afghan Presidential election are certified, to ensure the Afghan people have confidence in the results.

John Bass in his tweeter account has written that It’ is important for all Afghans to remember that the announced results by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) are preliminary.

“We note the IEC release of preliminary results and thank the IEC commissioners and staff for their dedicated, patriotic service to the Afghan people and Afghan government,” Bass said in a tweet.

“We support the vital work of Afghanistan Electoral Complaint Commission in adjudicating complaints before a final result is certified,” he added.
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This comes as IEC in a press conference on Sunday announced the preliminary Presidential election results.

The Presidential contender, Ashraf Ghani had come first with 923,868 votes, with 50.64 percent and his rival Abdullah Abdullah polled second with 39.52 percent, securing 720,099 votes.

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