Support will Stay Irrespective of Any Orders: Gen Miller

The US and NATO Forces Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller in a meeting with Nangarhar governor on Sunday assured that they are going to continue supporting the Afghan forces, despite an order about troop withdrawal – an issue which Miller says is rumors by “newspapers”.

“I have seen the same rumors I have from the newspapers but all I would assure you is first of all I have no orders, so nothing changed,” he said in the meeting.

Miller said their support to Afghan forces will continue in the same level.

“But if I do get orders, I think it is important for you to know that we are still with the security forces. Even if I have get a little bit smaller, we will be okay,” he said.
Meanwhile, Miller insisted on a political solution for Afghanistan and said that “political settlement will only happen through Afghans talking to Afghans”.

The US general said much has been said about Afghan forces casualties but “Taliban casualties have been very dire as well”.

“What I think is important is — I have talked often about — a political solution, not a military solution to this conflict. It is time for the hostilities to end and it will only happen through Afghans talking to Afghans,” Miller said. “It is the time to end those hostilities to start talking to one another.”

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