Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan Decreases 42 Percent in 2019: Nai

Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan-Nai says the violence against journalists in Afghanistan has decreased by 42 percent in the year 2019.

Releasing its annual report, Nai has stated that a total of 115 cases of violence against the media were registered this year.

“At least ten journalists have been killed and 21 others wounded in the year 2019 in Afghanistan, a 50 percent decrease compared with 20 in 2018,” the report said.

“The detention of journalists increased by 60 percent to 10 cases in 2019 and there were 51 cases of threatening of journalists, a 2.5 percent decline,” the report reads.

The watchdog added that the decline in violence against journalists happened due to the banning of live coverage of militant attacks from the site as well as decrease in the number of attacks.

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