“Let Us to Finish Recounting Process of Votes to Announce Election Results”: IEC Chief

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairperson, Hawa Alam Nuristani has called on all parties to let the commission to finish the recounting process of the Presidential elections’ votes in the other seven provinces to announce the preliminary results in the nearest time.

“The IEC has started the recount and inspection of the votes across the country, but we are facing issues in seven provinces due to electoral campaign protest,” IEC chief said.

Nuristani in a press conference on Sunday said that the tensions will be solved and the issues are due to the misunderstandings.

She emphasized that the IEC is independent and will not be pressured by any group.

“For us the credible votes are biometric votes,” IEC chairperson said.

In the meantime, a member of IEC, Hanif Danishyar said that the electoral observers have signed all the result sheets and the company of Dermalog in a letter clearly told IEC that they were not taking responsibility for setting the (biometric) devices’ date.

He stated that the results from several centers were sent from once device because other devices lost their charge or had other issues and SD cards were pulled out and used in functioning devices.

In the meantime, during the press conference, an Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) commissioner, Mohammad Qasim Eliasi added that the commission has received 4518 complaints about the election process which they have been addressed them according to the law.

8 / December 2019