Afghanistan Is Likely to Face New Crisis: Nabil

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former director of the country’s National Directorate of Security (NDS), says that these days both the Taliban and the Afghan government are igniting the flames of war and there is no sign of sincerity in the peace process.

Nabil in a series of tweets has said that from the very beginning of the intra-Afghan talks, it was clear to the Afghan people that both sides were not honest in the peace talks.

He said that despite the start of intra-Afghan peace talks, one side is still killing and the other side is counting the casualties of the war.

According to former director of NDS, the main actors in this war of attrition are others, and in the meantime, only the poorest citizens of Afghanistan fall victim to this war.

Nabil had previously said that the Taliban saw the peace talks as a tactic and was essentially seeking a monopoly of power over religion and the collapse of Afghan institutions.

He stressed at the time that both of these goals were in the interests of Pakistan, not Afghanistan, so the Afghan government should be prepared for a Plan (B).

The former intelligence chief warned that if all Afghans, including the Taliban and the government, do not wake up this time and work for the survival of Afghanistan, the fear of repeating the same scenario of the Soviet Union on a larger scale would not be far.

Mr Nabil has said the United States will not allow the Islamic Emirate of Taliban to rule Afghanistan, but that Washington cannot guarantee the viability of the shaky republic system.

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