Afghans Need To Benefit From Reduction In Violence: Nicholas Kay

NATO’s senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay says that both the Afghan security forces and civilians need to see a significant reduction in violence as part of an imminent peace deal between the Taliban and the United States.

Nicholas Kay in an interview with RFE/RL said that a significant reduction in people being attacked and losing their lives and also one imagines that it should also be an enduring thing, nobody wants this to be a short-term provision and It’s a step eventually toward a complete cease-fire.

“The majority of violence and enemy-initiated attacks at the moment are against Afghan targets, government forces, and Afghan civilians.
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And it’s important in a reduction in violence that the Afghans see that reducing significantly,” he told RFE/RL.

Kay emphasized that this is really the time for peace and Taliban should respect the will of the people.

“Neither side should be preparing for a spring offensive. Reduction in violence should mean exactly that. A reduction in violence that is noted by the Afghan people and that is enduring. And that would not be compatible with the spring offensive,” he added.

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