US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Will Have Negative Consequences: Keane

Despite overtures from the Taliban and declining interest among Americans, it is essential that the United States remain in Afghanistan, retired US Army Gen. Jack Keane said this week at a Heritage Foundation event.

Over the past 18 years, Keane said, the U.
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S. has made tremendous progress at preventing another attack on the U.S. from al-Qaeda originating from Afghanistan. But military withdrawal now, he said, would have extremely negative consequences.

Keane also said his politically astute sources in Afghanistan say the Taliban, the fundamentalist Islamic military organization that used to control the country, wouldn’t win a single district in the event of an election.

“The people absolutely do not want them because they’re living under their boot,” Keane said of the Taliban. “They’re living under their tyranny. They’re living under the fact that they can’t educate their children.”

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