Atmar to Participate in Moscow Talks

Afghan Presidential candidate Haneef Atmar on Sunday confirmed that he will be attending the Moscow talks which will facilitate intra-Afghan dialogue, scheduled to take place this month.
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Atmar said other Afghan leaders are also going to participate alongside him and he considers “this an important step towards the beginning of an inclusive intra-Afghan talks.”

His aim in Moscow is to “defend the Islamic Republic’s system, the values of the constitution and the health of our institutions as the achievements and legacies that we all share.”

He added that he will continually stress on the “exclusivity of intra-Afghan talks with inclusion of the government of Afghanistan.”

However, regarding the Afghan government’s efforts at peace process, he asked the government not to look at the peace process from a “narrow perspective” and “respect the role of the political strata and whole nation in seeking peace as well as protecting the national system and institutions.”

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