Afghan Gov’t Calls on Pakistan to Persuade Taliban Break Ties With Terrorist Groups

In reaction to the Pakistani Foreign Minister’s remarks, the Afghan Ministry of Foriegn Affairs (MoFA) said it expects the Pakistani government and all Afghan international partners to compel the Taliban to fulfill their commitments to reduce violence, establish a nationwide ceasefire and cut ties with the terrorist groups.

MoFA in a statement has stated that Afghanistan believes that a regional and international consensus is needed to achieve lasting peace, as well as the efforts of all parties to “sincerely” support the Afghan peace process.

According to the statement, the Foreign Ministry expects the parties involved in the peace process to fulfill their commitments to achieve peace.

MoFA stressed that Afghanistan had taken the most important steps to build trust and pave the way for a comprehensive political agreement by releasing more than 6,000 Taliban prisoners, declaring readiness for immediate and nationwide ceasefires, and participating in the peace talks.

MoFA noted that the Taliban not only failed to meet their commitments to reduce violence and go on a nationwide ceasefire, but also increased unprecedented violence.

According to the statement, the Taliban have created new challenges in the path to negotiations and lasting peace by carrying out targeted killings.

The remarks came as Pakistani Foreign Minister Shammood Qureshi called on the new US administration to adhere to a peace agreement with the Taliban in the latest reaction to the peace talks.

Qureshi made the remarks in an interview with Al-Jazeera, calling the talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban a major achievement and stressing that Pakistan had played a major role in the talks.

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