Afghanistan War Zones ‘Far Easier’ Than COVID19 Front Line: UK Army Major

A British Army medic battling to save Covid-19 patients in a UK ­hospital says it is tougher than war-torn Afghanistan.

As per Mirror report, the UK army Major said that the relentless pressure in overwhelmed hospitals is more intense than treating the wounded from ­battlefields in Helmand ­Province.

The officer, who served in Afghanistan in 2010, is at a hospital in the Midlands where critical care is currently running at 80% over capacity.

He said: “This second wave has pushed everyone to their limit. I would say most of the medical staff are ­physically and mentally exhausted.

“You come into work tired, hoping that today will be the day when the number of patients coming in will start to slow – but it never does.

“You’re left wondering how much longer you can continue. By comparison, Afghanistan was far ­easier than dealing with Covid,” he added.

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