‘Presidential Palace Cannot Make Unilateral Decisions’: CE Abdullah

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says the Presidential Palace (ARG) cannot make unilateral decisions and without the National Unity Government, the incumbent government does not have legitimacy, even for a minute.

Speaking at a gathering of his campaign team members and supporters in Kabul on Sunday, CE Abdullah declared that the National Unity Government will remain until the announcement of final results of the Presidential election.

“We cannot further tolerate violation of National Unity Government deal,” he said.

Regarding the peace process, Abdullah stated that his team is inclusive and can be a main stakeholder in the (peace) negotiations.

“We will not apply conditions for peace because any opportunity for peace should be used and should be made a success,” he asserted.

The Chief Executive emphasized that peace is the will of all Afghans and it is not the monopoly of the Presidential Palace, adding that all Afghans have the right to be included in the negotiations.
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