Haneef Atmar’s Electoral Team Welcomes US-Taliban Negotiations

Former National Security Advisor Mohammad Haneef Atmar’s electoral team on social media expressed that they welcome the progress in the US & Taliban talks on Afghan peace process.

The team’s statement said that Afghans welcome any move that would lead to permanent peace in the country

The team also stressed that Afghans still hope and expect for an intra-Afghan dialogue, “We call on the Taliban to support the intra-Afghan talks and prove that they value the great interests of the country.”

The statement also said “We also emphasize the importance of establishing a comprehensive cease-fire as a first step towards the success of the talks and the establishment of peace.”

“In such sensitive situations, we are not sure of the Government position regarding the existing peace efforts. We believe that the Afghan government should strongly support ongoing efforts and take more effective steps towards a successful peace process and ending hostility” they added.

They conceded “We believe that the success of the peace process and the establishment of a lasting peace is more than anything else dependent on the political consensus of all the people and the political strata of society.”

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