Mehwar-e-Mardum Emphasises Urgent Need for Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Mehwar-e-Mardum has welcomed recent talks between representatives of the United States and the Taliban in Qatar.

A statement from Mehwar-e-Mardum regarding peace talks between the United States and the Taliban reads “Mehwar-e-Mardum has always supported the peace process with commitment and respect for the sacred aspirations of the peoples of Afghanistan for peace”.

“We welcome the United States and the Taliban’ recent agreements in Qatar to bring peace to the country.
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But this political movement continues to emphasize the immediate and urgent start of peace talks between Afghans and the Taliban.

“The peace process should be promoted as soon as possible to a genuine intra-Afghan process. Only the presence of representatives of our people in peace talks can guarantee the achievements, rights and freedoms of all the people of Afghanistan, and provide the basis for sustainable security in our country.” Mehwar-e-Mardum emphasized.

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