16,000 Families Affected By Floods In Bamyan

Officials in Bamyan said that the recent floods have caused severe damage and affected up to 16,000 families in the central part of the province.

Director Iqbal Jawadi of Bamyan’s Disaster Management Department said on Sunday that 4,800 families were severely affected and had reported huge financial losses.

Two people, a man and a woman, had also died due to the flooding, Jawadi said.

According to Bamyan officials, 20,000 acres of land, hundreds of homes, roads, irrigation canals, bridges and culverts had been destroyed or swept away.

Initial surveys also report that 200 animals have died.

The Disaster Management authorities are still completing the surveys in the Waras and Sayghan districts of the provinces.

Meanwhile, roads and canals have been reopened in central Bamyan and Yakawlang districts

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