ANP Seize Magnetic Bombs in Khost, Arrest Drug Traffickers in Nangarhar

The Afghan National Police (ANP) detected and seized four magnetic bombs, one rocket, two radio handsets and 30 AK-47 bullets during a search operation in the vicinity of the Khost City.

On Sunday morning, a suicide bomber who was looking to carry out a suicide attack in Rustaq District of Takhar was killed in an explosion triggered by the explosives strapped to his body, the Ministry of Interior informed in a statement.

The Afghan National Police (ANP) arrested a suspected terrorist in the scene and no one was harmed during the incident.

Moreover, Afghan National Police (ANP) submitted a huge amount of ammunitions to the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) program in Kabul.

The ammunition containing 215kg of explosives, 53 various types of roadside bombs, 85 hand grenades, 39 rockets, two suicide vests, 221 anti-aircraft rounds, 54 mortar rounds and 61 different types of artillery shells.

The seized ammunitions collected during series of the operations by Afghan National Police (ANP) from different parts of the province.

Afghan National Police (ANP) also arrested two drug traffickers with 130kg of hashish during a search operation in Behsud district of Nangarhar.
The two had skillfully placed the 130kg of hashish in a vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Counter- Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) arrested two drug smugglers at HKIA.
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The smugglers swallowed capsules containing heroin inside and wanted to smuggle it to India.

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