Presidential Election Campaigns Officially Kick Off

Sunday marked the official beginning of the presidential election campaigns in the country.

In this round of presidential elections, 18 candidates are competing.

The Independent Election Commission had previously announced that the 18 presidential candidates would be allowed to continue their campaign trails for 60 days, adding that 48 hours prior to ballot, all the candidates must stop their campaigning in order to observe election silence period.

IEC had said that each candidate is permitted to spend 442 million AFNs, equivalent to about $5 million.

Meanwhile, in the 2014 presidential elections, each candidate was permitted to spend 10 million AFNs for election campaigns.

Earlier, the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) had confirmed that a budget of $149 million had been approved for the upcoming presidential elections and added that the government of Afghanistan will contribute $90 million to elections budget and the international community will contribute $59 million to elections budget.

Additionally, the Interior Ministry’s Spokesman Nasrat Rahimi in a joint press conference with the Defense Ministry’s Spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said that serious measures would be taken to protect presidential candidates and their running mates.

The presidential election campaigns start after the election commissions (IEC and IECC) emphasized that any campaigning activity in the pre-election period or after the defined time will be considered as election violation.

Based on the election law, presidential candidates and political parties are required to observe the principles of running election campaigns such as respect for all laws and regulations of the country, the principle of honesty, the principle of respect for the personalities, political freedoms within the framework of the law, equal access to financial and national facilities and the principle of impartiality, the commissions had said.

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