Young Afghans Speak for Change, Peace and Volunteerism

Young Afghans have enormous potential to build a culture of peace while preventing and resolving local disputes, even in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, said participants in the UN-backed radio series broadcast in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan province.

“If all young Afghans join together and speak out, the country’s communities will be in a better position to help stop the fighting and to address the Coronavirus,” said Salahuddin Qarizada, a Badakhshan University lecturer and a member of the provincial Peace and Conflict Resolution Network, reports the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

The participants in the Badakhshan radio programme included a lecturer, a journalist, a rights activist and a medical doctor – all of them young. During the show, they expressed their views about the importance of youth being part of decision-making processes and discussed the need for cultivating a spirit of volunteerism.

Dr. Shahriwar Khawhani urged young people to volunteer in their communities to fight the pandemic, writes UNAMA.

“During this period, I myself have become a volunteer and have used my medical training to help underserved patients,” she added. “I encourage others to do the same, to do what they can to help in spreading accurate information.”

Abdul Samad Shirzad, the head of Badakhshan’s Directorate of Youth Affairs, said increasingly young people have volunteered in areas related to local peace initiatives aimed at resolving disputes.

“Volunteer efforts have resulted in anti-government elements allowing the reopening of schools in several districts of Badakhshan, and without any limitations on health services delivery,” said Abdul.

The radio programme was recorded and broadcast by one of UNAMA’s partner media outlets, Sada-e-Banowan.

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