Former NDS Chief and Presidential Candidate Makes Startling Claims on the NUG and the 2014 Elections

Former Afghan intelligence chief and current presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil, in a press conference claimed that the NDS received reports of money injection in 2014 elections while he was in charge.

He said huge contracts were awarded by the government during the last couple of years in return for supporting a specific candidate in the upcoming elections. Nabil claims that President Ghani is misusing government resources for the elections. He accuses the government of opening electoral offices in the provinces before election campaigns.

The former chief also claims that President Ghani’s recent trips and decrees are merely for “campaign purposes”. He added that 95 percent of the recent appointments and dismissals have made for campaign purposes. He touted the recent visit by Afghan officials to Pakistan for the sake of elections.

Nabil criticized the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for delaying the provincial council and district council elections, saying it will decrease people’s observation in the presidential election.

Coming hard on President Ashraf Ghani for staying on to power, Nabil said that the NUG’s term cannot be extended.
Nabil says his electoral team is not supporting chaos and protests; however, he suggested that President Ghani should not be allowed to appoint or dismiss, sign contracts or travel to provinces after May 22 until re-election of a new president. “We are not in favor of crisis in the country because we know that most of Afghans are living in poverty,” Nabil said.

Nabil suggested that President Ghani and other presidential candidates should not have visits to foreign countries until the end of the election process.

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