Ministry of Finance: 11 Government Institutions Received 15 Days of Incentive Pay on The Eve of Eid al-Fitr

The Ministry of Finance has announced that so far, 11 government institutions have received 15 days of incentive payment based on a president’s decree on the eve of Ramadan.



According to the presidential decree for approving 15 days of encouraging payment for government employees, as of now, the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Women Affairs, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Mines and Petroleum, Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Attorney General’s Office have all received all the incentive payment for their employees, Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Sunday.

Ministry of Finance added that the remaining institutions should also pay 15 days of incentive payment for their employees from their current budget, and in the mid-term review of the year, the ministry will provide them the budget that the administrations pay for their employees now.
This decree only applies to civil employees who work in the positions of civil service (junior positions) and do not advantage from NAT salary, allowance, exceptional salaries and other privileges and benefits, according to the ministry.

The President’s decree was issued on the eve of Eid al-Fitr during the holy month of Ramadan, based on it, the government employees could receive 15 days payment as Eidi. According to officials of Ministry of Finance, the total amount of this Eidi is estimated 1.7 billion AFN, equivalent to more than $ 21 million.

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