MoI Signs MoU with Kabul Municipality for Setting Up Police Unit

The Afghan Ministry of Interior signed MoU with Kabul Municipality on setting up a police unit for the municipality that is aimed at preventing land usurpation, return usurped lands and prevent illegal housing. The unit is made of 409 personnel.


Acting Minister of Interior, Massoud Andarabi said, “Today we are signing MoU with Kabul Municipality (KM) on creation of KM Military Unit.”

With 409 personnel, this unit will work to prevent land usurpation, return usurped lands, and prevent illegal housing.

MoI will be providing all military facilities to the Unit and Kabul Municipality is in charge for commanding and using them effectively

After the implementation of executive plan, no police officer has the right to interfere in housing issues and the Kabul Municipality military unit would be responsible to address such issues.

“Here I would like to ask Kabul citizens to inform us through 119 number, in case they witness any interfere by Police officers especially the District Police, so that we address them legally”, Andarabi said.

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