48 Taliban Insurgents Including Three Shadow District Governor Killed in Balkh

Afghan Army in the northern part of the country reported that 48 Taliban insurgents including 14 senior commanders of the group (three shadow district governors) were killed in the province.

As a result of Afghan Air Force’s airstrike on a gathering of Taliban insurgents in Bodana Qala area in Sholgara district of Balkh province, 48 insurgents including 14 commanders were killed, Mohammad Hanif Rezaee spokesman of 209th Shahin Corps told Reporterly on Sunday.

Rezaee added that, Abdul Ghani known as Tarabi, the shadow district governor for Charbolak district, Mawlavi Hanan, Taliban shadow district governor for sholgara district and his deputy, Gul Nabi known as Moharez, shadow district governor for Chatmal district, Rasoul Jan saadat intelligence member of Taliban for Chatmal district, Mawlavi Hamid in charge of Taliban military committee for Chatmal district and some other key commanders of the group are among those killed in the operation.

According to spokesman of Shaheen Corps, the operation was carried out on 2AM on Sunday night when Taliban were planning to have a widespread attack on outposts of security and defense forces.

He added that, 15 insurgents were also injured in the operation.
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