Pakistan Vows to Give Afghans Full Access to Torkham Crossing

Pakistan has promised to extend the access of Afghans to Torkham Crossing from 12 hours to 24 hours, as President Ashraf Ghani acknowledged at a meeting with Afghan investors in Pakistan during his two-day visit to the neighboring country on June 28, as reported by TOLO News.

Normally, the Torkham gate is opened for Afghan investors and travelers from 8 am to 8 pm – for 12 hours a day.

President Ghani addressed Afghan investors, Afghan refugees and Pakistani officials at three separate events on his two-day visit to Pakistan.
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At one of them in Lahore on June 28, president Ghani revealed that he held talks with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistani Army’s Chief of Staff Gen. Qamar Bajwah where they promised to allow Afghan trucks to cross Wagah and have direct access to India.

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