350 Insurgents Including 12 Taliban Commanders Killed Over the Past Week in Afghanistan

As a result of 12 air operations in different parts of the country, 350 insurgents including 12 Taliban commanders were killed over the past week, according to Afghan Ministry of Defense.

According to the ministry’s report released on Sunday, over the past week despite the heavy snow and rain, the Afghan air force launched operations in Sangin district of Helmand, Sancharag district of Sar-e Pol province, Dashti Qala district of Takhar province, Qarabagh, Dih Yak, Andar and Waghaz districts of Ghazni province, Hesarak in Nangarhar, Zamarut district in Paktia province, Sholgara district of Balkh province, Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province and the suburb areas of Trinkut town center of Uruzgan province.

The operations take place as a large base in Helmand was attacked by over 20 insurgents in a battle that went on for over 30 hours and left many casualties on Friday.

Afghan security forces have increased operations against Taliban militants in the past few months while talks between the insurgent group and the US to find a peaceful resolution to the Afghan conflict continue.

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