Key Taliban Commander Killed in Jawzjan

The Afghan army in the north has reported that a key Taliban commander and his three men were killed and 7 others were wounded.

Press office of the 209 Shaheen Corps said that yesterday afternoon, the convoy of the First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum was ambushed few times by Taliban on their way from Balkh to Jawzjan province in Amal Khel, Margin Tapa, Shar Sharak, Khan Abad, Sulaiman Khel, Joy Uzbek, Temorak and Choba villages of Chaharbolak district of Balkh Province.

As a result of arrival of commando and forces including Waleed 40 operation, a key Taliban leader by the name of Zalmai who was known as Sangari was killed with his three men and 7 others were wounded.

The press office added that according to intelligence information, first vice president convoy had arrested the key Taliban leader and took him to the Sheberghan.

Meanwhile, sources close to General Dostum reported that one his bodyguards was killed and two others were injured.

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