Afghanistan Prepares for Coronavirus Outbreak as Infections Rise

In Afghanistan the education system has been gutted by four decades of conflict.

Literacy is below 32 percent, so the government knows countering novel coronavirus misinformation is an uphill battle, though it is trying.

“I heard from people and the internet that the source of this virus comes from an atomic bomb that has leaked somehow,” said Abdul Qader in a narrow alley of Kabul’s busy Bird Street market while a crowd that has gathered around him nods.

Posters that rely heavily on visual cues have been plastered on walls around the country.

Television ads also inform people how to avoid coronavirus and halt its spread while in rural areas, where there is little television coverage, the message is relayed through radio.

Hospitals wings have also been made ready across the country in case a major outbreak occurs.

“We have made preparations for 100 patients and in case of an increase we are prepared for more,” said Dr. Mohammad Khan Hedayat, head of COVID-19 case management at Kabul’s Afghan-Japan Hospital.

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