Intra-Afghan Talks Would Be Ineffective Without Participation of People’s Representatives: Dustom

The first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum says the intra-Afghan talks would have effective results when the people’s representatives are involved in the talks.

Dostum in a press release on the occasion of the Women’s International Day has expressed hope that the intra-Afghan talks to be started which led to a lasting ceasefire and overall peace in the country.

Pointing to the Presidential elections, Dostum cited that the election crisis was staggering, and election commissions and the dominant team in Presidential Palace violated the people’s clean votes and the election results.
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“”We are determined to defend the votes of the poor people and continue to stand firm and resilient to our rightful struggles until we get our rightful place in the elections,” he said.

Dostum stressed that women are half of the body of society and must stand united in the face of injustice, discrimination and inequality through the use of democracy and freedom of expression.

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