15 Member Committee Formed to Resolve Tension Of Wolesi Jirga

A committee of 15 lawmakers has been formed to solve the tension over the election of Mir Rahman Rahmani as Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House of the Parliament.

The committee includes Khan Agha Rezaee, Ajmal Rahmani, Mirdad Nijrabi, Nahid Farid and Humayun Harirod are the five members of the committee from Rahmani’s side while Khan Mohammad Wardak, Jawed Safi, Sayed Ahmad Khadim, Razia Mangal and Abdul Rasheed Azizi are from Kamal Nasir Osuli.

Five MPs, including Abdul Qayum Sajjadi, Irfanullah Irfan, Fraidoon Mohmand, Sediq Ahmad Osmani, and Mohammadullah Batash, are the impartial members of the committee.

The aim of the committee is to handle the tension as a result of the non-acceptance of the new Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani who was declared a winner after a voting session on Saturday. Angered MPs allegedly tried to hammer the functioning of the lower house by preventing the speaker to continue.

Rahmani, who was competing for the seat with Paktia MP Kamal Nasir Osuli, got 123 votes and his opponent got 55 votes.

On Saturday, May 18, there were 247 MPs when the voting started and based on this quorum, 124 votes were needed for a winning candidate, but 244 MPs cast their votes at the end of voting. Due to the lack of three votes
123 votes were needed for a winning candidate. The problem arose due to the missing votes from the total 247 MPs.

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