MoE: Proposal for Increase of Teachers’ Salaries & Privileges Sent to Presidential Palace

The Ministry of Education says that in order to address the financial problems of teachers, a proposal to increase the salaries and privileges of teachers was sent to the presidential palace.

Based on the framework of policy some pointers in the proposal are the raise salaries of civil servants, car fare payment which is 80 AFN per day for teachers, implementing regional privileges and monthly bonuses of 500 AFN for teachers who hold 12th grade diploma and 1000 AFN for teachers who hold 14th grade diploma , Ministry of Education said in statement on Sunday.

Ministry of Education says that the insignificant salaries of teachers, allocating a part of monthly salary for car fare, the non-payment of professional privileges for graduates of 12th and 14th grades and lack of paying regional privileges of teachers are the problems that teachers currently face.
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The approval of this proposal by the government will affect the quality of education in the country positively, the statement added.

Ministry of Education has also pledged that in order to improve the livelihood of teachers, residential apartments will be distributed near their neighbourhoods with long-term instalment.

Meanwhile, in several provinces of Afghanistan, a number of teachers protested in the past few days due to insufficient salary and privileges.

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