COVID-19: Door-to-Door Health Teams in Herat as Fresh Cases Increase

Herat has deployed 20 health teams to go door-to-door and check residents for Coronavirus, the provincial governor’s office announced.

The province has the second-highest cases of COVID-19 infections in the country.

A spokesman for the Herat Public Health Department said 111 new cases of Coronavirus had been detected in the province in the last 24 hours – 68 men and 43 women. This brings the number of confirmed cases in Herat to 2,572.

There have been two more deaths, bringing the total to 53 deaths and 268 recoveries. There are 11 more people in critical conditions.

Currently, 572 active cases of Coronavirus are present in the province according to official figures.

The national figures are 15,205 confirmed cases with 257 people dead and 1,328 recovered.

New Initiatives

The Herat governor’s office has taken the lead to organise medical teams that would be deployed in residential areas across the province.

The teams, which include psychiatrists and health workers, are undertaking assessments of possible COVID-19 cases after growing concerns that there might be undetected cases in more densely-populated areas.
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The provincial anti-Coronavirus task force said the 20 teams would identify such cases and then recommend preventive and curative measures to the affected.

As businesses are getting increasingly affected by the lockdown, restaurant owners have come up with new initiatives to prevent the spread of the disease. The plans include installing a disinfection tunnel at the entrance of the restaurant premises.

The governor’s office said that if the plan gets approved by the Department of Public Health and the provincial anti-Coronavirus task force, restaurants and other public places may be allowed to reopen.

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