Former President Karzai to Attend Moscow Peace Talks, Noor One of Senior Afghan Politicians to be Present too

According to Reuters, Former President Karzai as well as former governor Atta Mohammad Noor have also been invited for the Moscow Peace talks that are scheduled for this Friday.

Reuters reported that the two are among a group of senior Afghan politicians who were discreetly invited by Russian diplomats in Kabul over the past two months.

“Karzai will travel to Moscow because any opportunity for peace talks with the Taliban must not be ignored,” said Mohammad Yusof Saha, a spokesman for the former president.

Noor, the executive chief of Jamiat-i-Islami party has confirmed to Reuters that he would attend the talks and added that he had no problem with the United States and Ghani holding private talks with the Taliban, “but they cannot decide whether we should talk to the Taliban or not”.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Russia’s foreign ministry said that President Ashraf Ghani decided to send a delegation of High Peace Council to the meeting. It said that the Taliban would also be getting represented in the talks. Additionally, 12 nations have been invited for the talks.

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