Senator Hanafi Claims Police Detained Him for Several Hours

Mohammad Hanif Hanafi, a senator representing Uruzgan province in the Upper House said that Kabul police detained him for four hours.

Speaking at Senate general meeting, Hanafi said that police detained him for four hours in PD5 Kabul city on Thursday over checking his weapon’s license card and vehicle registration plate.

He noted that the police had beaten up his guard.  Senate members reacted to the remarks of Mohammad Hanif Hanafi and while emphasizing that law should be enforced on all criticized the violent inspections.

They also emphasized that the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is responsible for issuing weapon’s license card and vehicle registration plate for members of senate but failed to arrange and distribute them on a timely basis.

Meanwhile, Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar condemned police action in the case as insulting and added that he will raise the issue with MoI officials.

The claim comes after two MPs were engaged in a clash with police after their vehicles were stopped in PD 9 of the city.
The parliament held extraordinary meeting during night with MPs questioning the acting interior minister for the police action.

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