AIHRC: While Fighting Crime, Address Root Cause And Respect Human Rights Norms

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) issued a statement on Sunday, expressing concern over the escalation of criminal activity and insecurity in Kabul and other provinces.

The rights body called on the government to address the root causes of the economic and social factors that lead to criminal activities in order to fight crime.

“Citizens’ right to life and enjoyment of physical, mental and psychological security are fundamental human rights,” they said.

They evoked the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international and national laws, to protect and safeguard the right to life and security of their citizens.

They emphasise that even when dealing with the perpetrators of the crimes, the government must respect human dignity and the principles of fair trial.

The statements come at a time when security officials have been recorded ordering the criminals resisting arrest can be shot at by the police, or that words such as “compassion” do not exist in their dictionary while dealing with crime.
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