Danesh: National Standards Authority Needs Comprehensive Reforms

Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh said the Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA) is facing many challenges and needs to implement comprehensive reforms.

Speaking at the World Standards Day celebrations being held by ANSA on Sunday, Danesh said reforms were needed, along with the review of policies and plans to seriously combat corruption.

He said that ANSA had so far approved 656 standards, which is a big step, but more work is needed to identify failures and problems.

Danesh highlighted that some of the problems and challenges were the lack of coordination between government departments and the private sector, lack of necessary staff and capacities, lack of sufficient budget, weak communication with international institutions, instability in the leadership of ANSA, and financial mismanagement, among others.

The vice president said that the expectation of the government and people of Afghanistan from the leadership of ANSA is to accurately identify obstacles, weaknesses and problems and work to eliminate them.

Aziz Ahmadzai, head of ANSA also addressed the event and said that along with developing a number of policies, they were working hard to fight corruption.

He also called on Afghan security agencies, traders and the private sector to work with them to implement the standards and assess the quality of commercial materials.

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