Delay in Announcement of Election Result Is Questionable: TEFA

The Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) says, the institution monitors the election commissions’ performances every day, and the delay in announcing the preliminary results of the Presidential election is questionable and doubtful.

TEFA in a statement on Sunday said that their monitoring findings indicate that Independent Election Commission (IEC) had prepared for more than 9 million voters in the presidential election, but the turnout was less than two million.

The statement noted that as a national observing institution, TEFA has found out that the delay in announcing the preliminary results of the presidential election is due to political pressure and weak management of electoral commissions.

“The postponement in announcing the results will hamper the final results of the election and further increase doubts about the transparency of the process”, TEFA emphasized.

The observing institution stated that postponement in announcement of preliminary results will automatically interrupt other electoral process defined in election calendar.
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Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan called on the electoral commissions to clarify the documented reasons for the delay in the preliminary election results and to carry out their plans according to pre-determined plans and not create more room for doubt in the presidential election.

This comes as the preliminary results expected to be reported on October 19, but the election commission has postponed the announcement of the preliminary results.

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