Hekmatyar: Formation Of Interim Government Only Solution For Peace

Hezb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said on Sunday that as the Taliban did not want the current government, an interim government remains the only solution to peace in Afghanistan.

He emphasised that the current Afghan government wanted the war to continue and was not in favour of peace which could only be achieved if “all foreigners leave” the country.

Sharing details of his recent visit to Pakistan, he said the leaders there had assured him of their cooperation in the Afghan peace process.

Last week, Hekmatyar had given a press conference in Islamabad on Oct. 20 where he said that the U.S. had been “defeated in Afghanistan” and Washington had “no choice except to leave the country.”

Criticizing the ongoing peace talks in Doha, Hekmatyar said they were between the team of the Presidential Palace and the Taliban and are not “intra-Afghan” talks.

“These talks are not intra-Afghan talks, because there is no presence of many Afghan political parties in these talks, we are not there. There is a need for consensus first so that we can go towards talks with a unified idea,” he said.

During a talk at a think tank on Oct.
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23, he warned that the only durable solution for peace in Afghanistan was that “the U.S. should withdraw its troops and a non-aligned, independent and sovereign government should be formed by Afghans in light of their beliefs and traditions without any interference.”

“Otherwise, the country would slip into another civil war,” warned the former prime minister.

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