People’s Delegation To Discuss Parliamentary Election Preparations for Ghazni

Ghazni governor’s spokesman, Aref Noori, has said that a delegation of Ghazni tribal elders living in Kabul arrived in the province yesterday to discuss with the citizens of the province on preparations to hold the elections.

The delegation is comprised of elders of the Hazaras, Pashtuns and Tajiks, which has 6 members from each ethnic groups, Noori said.

Ghazni governor spokesman said that the delegation was formed after several meetings in Kabul with three representatives of the government, consisting of the second vice-president, first deputy Chief Executive and head of IDLG, to come to consensus on how to hold elections in the Ghazni.

He further said that after the representatives of the ethnic groups in the province agreed, the three prominent representatives of the government will receive a written agreement on behalf of the government on the decision adopted by the ethnic groups’ representatives, so that there will be no problem in the future.

Mr Noori also said that the delegation will also talk about increasing the registration and polling centers.

The election commission also re-enacted the areas which were blacklisted in the previous election, while the areas are relatively safe now and the elections can be held in them, he said. Ghazni Governor’s spokesman emphasized that this issue will be discussed and people will be asked to submit their propositions too.

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