Kunduz Explosion Kills 10 Police Officers & Injures Provincial Police Chief

Local officials reported the occurrence of an explosion on Saturday evening in Kunduz City. 10 police officers including Kunduz police spokesman and traffic director of the city were killed and the Kunduz police chief was injured.

Esmatullah Moradi, spokesperson for Kunduz governor confirmed to Reporterly that, “Manzoor Satanikzai the provincial police chief was injured and 10 people were killed in the explosion.”

Moradi added that, the exact death toll of the suicide attack is unclear at this stage.

Spokesperson for Kunduz governor said that telecom companies in Kunduz city have newly resumed their services.He said that the situation in the city turned back to normal and it is under control of security forces.

He further informed that, the city has been cleared of Taliban insurgents and clearance operation is underway on the Kabul-Kunduz highway.

Amaruddin Wali, a member of Kunduz provincial council also confirmed this news, while speaking to the Reporterly and added that it is unclear whether the provincial police chief is injured or not.

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