Abdullah Warns Ghani, Campaign Related Decrees Aren’t Enforceable

Chief Executive of the government, Dr. Abdullah, warned president Ghani that campaign related decrees will not be enforced in the country.

Addressing a campaign rally in Deh Sabz district of Kabul on Sunday, Dr. Abdullah said, “Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will be the president of Afghanistan until the election result is announced and then a new president starts his tenure.”

Dr. Abdullah emphasised that president Ghani is misusing state resources for election campaign, and Presidential Information and Coordination Center is an example of that.

The Presidential Information and Coordination Center is built to serve as a platform for coordination of security forces, said Dr. Abdullah adding that, “Mr. Ghani is using the center for holding video conferences with governors and also getting the district governors to gather the people so that he talks with them.”

Chief executive Abdullah claimed that President Ghani threatened and intimidated people for campaign purposes.

Dr. Abdullah further proclaimed that “From now on if the President bans anyone from going out of the country and vice-versa, or conspires against someone who does not obey his orders, it will result in civil resistance, and the responsibility will lie on the president’s shoulder.”

He specified that Ashraf Ghani threatens private sector owners to either pay for his campaign expenditures and in case they don’t he refers them to the Attorney General. “The president has no right to terminate the contracts with the private sector”, said Dr. Abdullah.

“The Afghan people want their government to exist within the legal framework, but when violation of these laws begins for personal gains especially by the head of the state, people will not tolerate it,” he said.

The presidential candidate reasoned that these acts by Ghani are illegal, urging the Election Commission to look into it.

Earlier, Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah had rejected an order by President Ashraf Ghani over probing allegations about corruption in foreign ministry.

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