5 Police Officers Arrested In Kandahar For Gang Raping Minor Boy

A group of police officers including their commander have been arrested for the gang rape of a minor boy in Dand district of Kandahar, officials confirmed.

Initial eyewitness reports had said the minor, identified as Ahmadullah, used to live close to a checkpoint manned by a police commander named Mullah Roozi in Kariz village of Dand district.

Roozi had allegedly taken the child to the checkpoint and along with other officers, gang-raped, tortured and killed him.

Kandahar Police had initially denied the report of police involvement but said investigations were ongoing and they had detained Roozi.

On Saturday night, they issued a video statement that the boy’s father filed an official report and Kandahar Police Commander Tadin Khan had issued instructions for the arrest of five police officers, including Roozi.

Kandahar Police spokesperson Jamal Naser Barakzai said the arrested officers will be sent for a trial to the Office of the Attorney General.
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