IEC Extends Issuing Accreditation Letters & ID Cards Verification Process

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced that due to the unfamiliarity of institutions with using the system of accreditation letter and ID card, the commission has extended the process of issuing accreditation till 24 September and the process of verifying ID cards till 25 Sept.

IEC in a statement said on Saturday night that it has so far issued about 113 accreditation letters to observers (election-related CSOs and entities) and mass media, and around 105330 ID cards of (individual) have been registered in the system.

The statement added that out of the total number of registered cards, only 37,222 of them have been approved by the Commission and the process is ongoing at the IEC Kabul office as well as provincial IEC offices.
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Based on the Presidential election’s calendar (28 Sept), the process of issuing ID cards was supposed to be completed on 21 September, but due to problems in the system and unfamiliarity of the institutions in using it, along with too many demands, the process was not completed, the statement read.

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