National Youth Consensus Ask For Transparency In Youth High Council Appointments

While calling the establishment of the Youth High Council an important step, the National Youth Consensus for Peace (NYCP) asked President Ashraf Ghani to ensure transparency in the appointments.

Ghani had announced that the government was setting up a Youth High Council during the International Youth Day celebration on Aug. 16.

“Within 45 days, the Youth High Council will be formed to hold its first meeting. The youth representing 34 provinces will be its members and will work to resolve all the issues faced by young people,” he had said at the ceremony.

In a letter on Sunday, the NYCP said the Youth High Council was an “excellent and fundamental step for cohesion of Afghan youth.”

They proposed that the establishment and functionality of the Youth High Council be
“impartial and independent.”

In order to ensure “transparency” in the formation and operations of the Council, the NYCP called on the government to announce the appointment procedure for electing the provincial representatives and the responsibilities of the Council.

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