Six Police Soldiers Missing in Badghis Province

Six police soldiers went missing in Muqur district of Badghis province, local officials said.

“These soldiers have disappeared after their outpost in Chehel Gazi area of Muqur district was attacked by Taliban group where clashes lasted for several hours,” Shahahi said. He elaborated that this outpost had also collapsed.


Shabahi added, “In this clash, six police personnel went missing with their weapons, and efforts are ongoing to find out whether these six soldiers were captured by Taliban group or are in hiding.”

According to the spokesman for the Badghis Governor, after the arrival of reinforcement, insurgents have retreated from the area.

Mohammad Nasir Narzai, Badghis provincial council member, told Reporterly on Thursday that a number of personnel of a police outpost joined the Taliban group led by ‘’Sharif” in the area.

Nazari further added that the number of personnel of this outpost were between 10 and 15 people, all of whom joined the Taliban.

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